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Kantha KA66

Kantha KA66

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Vintage Kantha Quilt

Kantha quilts are made from several vintage cotton saris stitched together to make a beautiful and unique quilt that can be used in many different ways - as a bedspread, curtains, upholstery or as a tablecloth. Originating in Bengal and Bangladesh the technique of 'kantha stitch' is passed from mother to daughter to make these quilts which are used in many rural households. They often have contrasting colours on each side and decorative patchwork where the the fabric has become worn - and we spend hours seeking out the best where the stitching is really fine and the colours work well in our interiors. We have even designed a range of jackets made from kantha.

Front - Jade Pink and Blue

Back - Cream and Yellow


- 2.2m x 1.45m

Machine Washable.


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