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Zico 1W Pigmy Light Bulb

Zico 1W Pigmy Light Bulb

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Bulb Specification

Be more energy efficient and use LED light bulbs with your Samarkand Design lamps and lampshades. We have specifically chosen the Zico Lighting range of LED light bulbs due to their specialisation in high quality, functional and decorative lighting solutions. They use a LED filament technology which is flicker free and ultra dimmable and have a starting time of less than 0.2secs. Energy efficient lighting can now be practical and beautiful as well as kinder to the environment. 

Lifespan and value for money

All of our Zico bulbs are likely to last up to 25yrs which means they should last between 5-25 times longer than the equivalent CFL or incandescent bulb. They have a life expectancy of approximately 30,000hrs and 100,000 on/off cycle, making them excellent value for money. 

Zico Lighting Pigmy Light Bulbs

These very small pigmy bulbs are perfect for tight spaces. These little bulb look fantastic in numbers such as on chandeliers however they are most commonly used for household appliances such as cookers or fridges. They have an LED wattage of 1W which is the equivalent of a standard 7W bulb. These are clear bulbs and are available in E14 (small Edison screw) or B15 (small bayonet) fittings

There are also two options for light temperature (brightness). The 2200k light bulb produces a softer and warmer light whereas the 2700k light bulb is a very good every day standard bulb. If you remain unsure of what's watt when it comes to lightbulb specifications, please take a look at our blog which should help shed some light! 

Energy Efficiency

The 2200k pigmy light bulbs have an energy rating of G and the 2700k bulbs, a rating of F. Why so high for an energy efficient bulb? These bulbs are specifically created with decorative lighting in mind. This means they have a lower light output (lumens) which creates a more ambient light therefore the output of lumens to wattage is low. In 2021 the energy rating standards were changed meaning that bulbs that omit a lower lumen to watt ratio are classified as less efficient even though they remain far more energy efficient than their CFL or incandescent equivalents. If these bulbs were classed under the standards pre 2021 they would rate between an A and A+. 


• Clear or frosted glass
• Ultra-dimmable
• Flicker Free
• 30,000hrs lifetime - 25yrs

• 100,000 on/off cycle
• <0.2sec starting time
• 2200K - 2700K light temps

• Operating temps -30c to +40c
• G (2200k) and F (2700K) energy efficiency ratings

• 6W LED
• E27 and B22 fittings
• Clear or frosted glass
• 2200K or 2700K light temperatures

• 4W LED
• E14 and E27 fittings
• Clear glass
• 2200K or 2700K light temperatures

• 4W LED
• E14, E27 and B22 fittings
• Clear glass
• 2200K or 2700K light temperatures


• 1W LED
• E14 and B15 fittings
• Clear glass
• 2200K or 2700K light temperatures

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