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Ewe Kente Cloth

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Although the Ewe people are not as well known outside Ghana as the Asante they also weave many of the cloths known worldwide as kente. In fact many collectors regards Ewe textiles as the highest expression of African weaving artistry.

This very fine example is one of our favourite pieces. Kente is woven on a horizontal strip loom, which produces a narrow band of cloth about four inches wide. Several of these strips are carefully arranged and hand-sewn together to create a cloth of the desired size. Most kente weavers are men.

The colours have a symbolic representation: yellow signifies wealth and fertility; green is the symbol of life, growth and harmony; blue represents the sea and the sky.

We believe this cloth to have been made in the early part of the 20th century and it is in remarkably good condition. It will make a fabulous wall hanging.


272cm x 148cm

Categories: Home Furnishings

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