Lampshade Fitting Guide

Base Diameter Top Diameter Height Recommended Carrier size (inches)
15cm 9cm 12cm Clip on fitting or E27
18cm 10cm 14cm Clip on fitting
18cm Pendant 10cm 18cm Pendant fitting
18cm Short Pendant 10cm 15cm Pendant fitting
18cm Scallop Pendant 11cm 12cm Pendant fitting
25cm 15cm 18cm Fixed shade carrier (E27)
30cm 16cm 20cm Fixed shade carrier (E27)
30cm Scallop 20cm 20cm Fixed shade carrier (E27)
35cm 25cm 24cm 5" shade carrier
40cm 25cm 26cm 6" shade carrier
45cm 29cm 29cm 7" shade carrier
50cm 33cm 33cm 7" shade carrier
60cm 38cm 36cm 8" shade carrier


There are a few exceptions to the above which will be noted in the description of each individual shade.