Collection: Decorative Lampshades

Discover our unique, handmade decorative lampshades designed to complement and enhance any style. Choose a lampshade that will become the focal point of a room or seamlessly blend with and complement any interior. Explore our stunning designs which include our vintage lampshade collection, the Sari Lampshade Collection, the Block Print Lampshades Collection, the Shibori Collection and most recently the Kimono Collection. Find a hand-made decorative lampshade that suits your style.

If you can’t see what you are looking for here we also offer a Bespoke service where we will try and match your requirements from our extensive collection of vintage silk saris and kimonos.  We can make almost any size or shape that you require – so do get in touch with us directly.

Samarkand Design was founded by Hilly Grumbar and Carrie Hart. Hilly and Carrie were bound not just by friendship but also by their shared passion for design and artisanal craftsmanship. that they often found on their extensive travels across India,  Africa and Central Asia.  This collection brings together both the vibrant and the subtle -  perfectly reflecting the stories of expert craftsmanship from across the world.

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