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Small Suzani #1

Small Suzani #1

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To put it simply, a suzani is a hand embroidered textile panel. The word suzani comes from a Persian word suzan, meaning needle.

Suzanis originated in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and other central Asian countries. They usually have a cotton base (sometimes silk) which is embroidered in a cotton or silk thread. Quite often suzanis are made in two pieces and stitched together.

Originally the use for a suzani was in a yurt, as a wrapping for belongings but they also had a symbolic significance. They were made by brides and their mothers as part of a dowry. They represented the binding together of two families and used symbols of luck, long life, fertility and health. The floral designs are symbols of a paradise garden from the concept of the Garden of Eden.

This beautiful vintage suzani  piece in greys and pinks is from Uzbekistan.  It would make a wonderful wall hanging either in its natural state or framed - and we can advise on this.


120cm by 72cm

46inches by 28inches


Hand Embroidered Cotton

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