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Ralli Quilt

Ralli Quilt

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Ralli quilts are traditional quilts made by women from the rural areas of the Sindh Valley in Pakistan.

There are three styles of ralli quilting:  patchwork, appliqué and embroidery.

Embroidered quilts use embroidery as embellishment and as a method to hold the quilts together. The embroidered quilts are filled with stitches that would be familiar to those who know “western” embroidery, plus unique stitches used only in this part of the world.   It is customary to use colored thread (often on a black or dark background fabric) for the stitching in order to create wonderful colors and shapes.   The sewing on the top of the quilt is usually the work of one woman and traditionally the sewing of the layers is done by a group of three or four women.

Rallis were traditionally made by families for their own use or for gifts.


240cm x 155cm


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