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Phulkari Quilt

Phulkari Quilt

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A beautiful Phulkari Quilt from East (Punjab) India.  Hand stitched with floss silk on hand spun cotton.

Phulkari literally means flower work.  The main characteristics of this embroidery are the use of the darn stitch on the wrong side of the cloth with coloured silk thread.  

Phulkaris were worn by women all over Punjab during marriage festivals and other joyous occasions. They were embroidered by the women for their own use and use of other family members during the 19th century and until the beginning of the 20th century.

Even though the textile industry today, is imitating this art with the help of machines, phulkari work has almost disappeared.

This vintage Phulkari has a couple of small holes and a little tear in it, but is generally in good condition and would make a beautiful wall hanging.



220cm x 120cm 


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