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Red Sun Vintage Berber Basket

Red Sun Vintage Berber Basket

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This stunning vintage Berber basket is handmade from raffia and wool. This plate-like basket is in a vibrant red and orange striking pattern. Each design is unique to the artisan who made it, with the inspiration taken from the surroundings for which it was made.  It is thought that baskets with less detailed patterns were likely to have been woven near the plains of Marrakech whereas their more detailed counterparts were likely to have come from artisans in the Atlas mountains. These particular Berber baskets would make wonderful wall hangings or table centre-pieces, maybe to hold fruit.

Measuring approximately 45cm in diameter, these plate-like Berber Baskets are not quite perfectly circular, but this only adds to the charm of owning something not only handmade but also vintage. Like many of our repurposed wares, These baskets have lived a life before and come with a story of their own. Due to their age, they are not in absolute pristine condition but they are soulful and remain a treasure to behold.




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