Frequently asked questions

What size shade do I need?

The size of shade you need to fit an existing lamp base is often a subjective thing but there are a few guidelines you can follow. As a rough indicator the diameter of the lampshade should roughly equate to the height of the lamp base. If the lamp base is very tall and thin (as in a candlestick) you will probably want to ignore that measurement and choose a smaller shade. The size of the shade may also be dependent on the dimensions of the room. Tall ceilings and large rooms will obviously take proportionately larger shades.

We offer Empire style lampshades in 5 sizes:

  • 18cm (Tiny on the website)
  • 30cm (Small)
  • 40cm (Medium)
  • 50cm & 60cm (Large)

What fitting do I need?

Our shades use a variety of fitting to attach to a lamp. You will find the fitting description of each of our shades on the product page and you will need to check to see if the shade fitting style is suitable for the lamp you wish to attach it to. Below are the different fittings available

  • Clip-On: For the smallest shades (18cm) the fitting is a simple ‘clip’ that fits directly onto the bulb. Two loops of wire grip the bulb so the shade sits around the bulb. These shades will fit on most bulb types but are unlikely to fit onto the bent tube compact fluorescent bulbs.

  • 42mm Standard (E27): The standard method to fit a shade to a lamp is that of a hollow ring that slots over the top of the bulb holder on the lamp and is held in place by means of a threader ring that screws down onto the outside of the bulb holder. The ring comes in the standard European size of 42mm and we supply an inner adaptor ring to fit the standard UK fitting (29mm – BC/B22). If your lamp takes an E27 screw-in bulb you wont require the adaptor ring. All of our 30cm and a few of our 40cm shades comes with this fitting.

  • Duplex: Larger shades with a Duplex fitting do not have the ring built in, but require a carrier or a gimble. The carrier has a 42mm fitting at one end (to take an adaptor ring) that fixes to the bulb holder on the lamp and at the other a ridge that the shade sits on. Carriers come in several different heights to go with different height shades allowing you flexibility. Most of our 40cm, and all of our 50cm and 60cm shades come with a Duplex fitting. You can order a shade carrier to go with your shade – we stock carriers in 3”, 5”, 7", 8” and 9”.

I can’t find what I’m looking for on the website

We try to keep a good selection of our stock on the website – constantly updating it but we often can’t put everything up so if you’re looking for something specific do get in touch (email or give us a call (07973 922943) and we’ll try and help.

Can I order a shade to match a scheme?

We offer a bespoke service and will quote on a shade to your specification. We carry a large stock of sarees and will make suggestions according to your requirements.

Where can I see the lampshades for real?

We realise how difficult it is to order a lampshade on-line so we try to help as much as possible. We have stockists in London, Tetbury and Marlborough and we regularly exhibit at fairs. We also offer a consultancy service (available in London through to Devon).

I can't log in to see my orders

If you don't know your password or you didn't create an account when you placed your order you can gain access by resetting your password. If you didn't create an account it will be created by resetting your password as long as you specify the email address you used when you placed your order.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards.