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Red and blue Nakshi Kantha baby quilt

Red and blue Nakshi Kantha baby quilt

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Vintage Nakshi Kantha Quilt:

Nakshi Kantha is a Bengali tradition which dates back hundreds of years and originated from Bangladesh and eastern India. Traditionally, threads are extracted from coloured saris and are used to embroider motifs, usually inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the outside world.

Kantha, meaning: “patched cloth”, refers to both the tradition of producing these unique, quilted blankets, as well as the craft and stitch itself which is a small, straight running stitch in embroidery. Old kantha cloth is thought to have a magical purpose as it is believed to ward off the evil eye, keeping its user warm and safe from harm.

This is truly a beautiful and unique, hand made vintage quilt.

Dimensions: 85cm x 65cm

Machine Washable.


Hand Woven Cotton

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