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Warli Painting #2

Warli Painting #2

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Warli art is a form of folk style painting which originates from the Warli tribe; one of the largest tribes outside of Mumbai who live in the North Sahyadri mountain Range in Maharashtra, India. This style of art dates back as early as the 10th century AD and is most commonly associated with being seen on the sides of cave walls. 

The Warli culture is centred around the concept of mother nature and this is evident in their art. They use simple geometric shapes such as circles and triangles to symbolise their devotion to the world around them. Their paintings depict stories of their culture using a simple mixture of rice flour and water to paint their designs. This use of rudimentary shapes is both traditional in style and contemporary in aesthetic. 

Our Warli artwork has been hand painted onto fabric and framed in these beautiful brass hanging frames, measuring 25.5cm by 20cm, these artisanal works of art are sure to make a statement in your home.


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